Lonely Lad

Gary Lewis was surfing the internet looking for some porn to jerk off to but for some reason, that wasn’t working out for him tonight. He needed something real; warm flesh he could feel against his own, something soft to hold close, skin to pinch and see color bloom like a flower in its wake. He needed a woman tonight.

He turned to a London escorts site and began to check out the girls. For sure they were all exotic beauties and he would have been happy with any of them. But there was one. She was tall, lissome, with a more than ample bosom and long legs. Her auburn hair fell halfway to her waist as her grey eyes stared seductively into the camera. She seemed to be calling out to him. Begging him to come to her. Beneath her picture was a name, Amber, and number.

Without another thought he picked up his phone and called the number indicated below her picture. A woman with a very hoarse voice answered. She sounded like she smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day. Gary hoped that it wasn’t Amber because she sounded at least fifty.


“Er, hi. Is this er, Amber?” Gary asked.

“No. This is Amber’s manager. You would like to spend some time with her?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Incall or outcall?”


“Do you want to come see her at her apartment or have her meet you at yours?”

“Oh ah, the second one please.”

“Very good, I’ll just take down your address and your credit card information and we’re good to go.”

“Ace,” Gary said and proceeded to give her his details.

He paced up and down, waiting for Amber to arrive, occasionally taking a drink of his lager to calm his nerves. However much he was on tenterhooks with impatience, he still jumped when his doorbell rang.

“Just a minute!” he called as he ran a hand through his hair one more time and smelled his breath before walking swiftly to open the door. The vision that stood on the other side took his breath away and he wished he’d taken more time to primp and prepare.

He took a breath.
“Hiya,” he said with a small wave.
Amber stepped into his apartment, coming to a stop only when she was flush against him, “Hi,” she said and then leaned in to kiss him. Gary knew he was never going back to porn again. Not if he could have this instead.