Sex worker warns of increasing number of women being forced into prostitution

A leading London sex worker has warned of an increase in women being forced into prostitution by economic hardships and social ills.

Susan Winston, a professional dominatrix, said women are now so poorly paid they are being forced into sex work to keep to top up household budget.

Speaking to the Evening Standard she explained: ‘Women used to be the most oppressed groups in society. But now they are the most empowered.

‘We have eight out of ten women in the UK being paid below the living wage.

‘More and more are working harder and harder and they have to put up with degrading conditions.’

She said this can include tiring shifts for little or no pay and even being forced to have sex with brothel clients for money.

She added: ‘I had one woman work all day, all night. The clients were well-off men with social problems and I had to help them to deal with issues that affected their lives.’

Winston, 48, added: ‘A lot of women end up in prostitution, just because they feel like it or because they want to feel part of something, give something back, or because they can’t afford a manicure or a haircut.

‘When they come into sex work it is an act of desperation. It is like someone is knocking on their door and telling them that you have to be somebody else.’