Human trafficking documentary shows 293 British children ‘forced into sex slave market’

Trafficking almost 300 British children into a sex slave market – mostly for use as escorts by young men – has been revealed in a shocking new report.

Two-and-a-half out of every three girls caught up in the UK sex slavery industry were born into poor or disadvantaged backgrounds.

The startling report into human trafficking which is likely to reignite the debate over sentencing and how young men who take part should be treated has found that almost 300 children were subjected to trafficking in the UK.

Nearly two-thirds of them were trafficked to Manchester to work in sex trafficking rings, which an investigation has found operates within the city streets and adds to other causes of teenage pregnancy.

But prostitution is down to 25 per cent in Greater Manchester compared to more than a third in other UK areas, the study also found.

Debbie Upminster is the Director of Justice 4 All which commissioned the study.

She told The West London Times: ‘It’s an incredibly concerning picture, and if you look at the breakdown of the trafficking victims into unaccompanied children, and how many of them were girls, the numbers speak for themselves.’

More than 40 per cent of prostitutes are currently aged 18 to 24, while up to a third are classed as being black, as the latest report has found.

A study by Oxford Economics into the prostitution rate in many areas of the UK over the last three years, and looking at the 2018 figures showed a sharp decline in the rate of prostitutes aged between 16 and 19 (down 47 per cent).